Sc400 Update: 20+ hours of sanding and dremeling later

Material removed to mark the boundry

Spent some quality time with a dremel, still some work to be done evening out each cylinder but it’s basically done.

Polished the combustion chambers down to 500 grit, soon the heads will be sent off to be skimmed down to a perfect surface in preparation for an mls Head gasket.


Plans seem to wash back and forth with this motors output, after needing to rebuild it there was a hope for 18-20 psi and high 6 or low 700whp. But the clutch price combined with the chance of random failure sent that idea home, it’s been too long since this car drove and stayed driving. So the current plan is to rebuild the engine using stock components save for Mls head gaskets, then run the engine at wastegate pressure(8psi) and see where that leaves me. Hopefully the clutch I already have(rated for 390hp) wont slip like crazy at the 380-450whp it’s going to make, otherwise it’ll be another $1300 for the custom-ish clutch.(not too bad in the long run but really out of this budget) The hope is to make power without having constant reliability issues, it should be okay since unopened 1uzs take about 450whp before running into issues but then again I have excellent luck with them.(*jump cut to my last car on fire after replacing the head gasket*)


Also apparently my new stock pistons and rings are coming from the UAE.

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