I found a Cayman that appears to be for sale at about 2/3rds of market value (on Craigslist, of course). I expressed interest using a burner email account and asked for the VIN to do more research. Below is the reply: scam, or too soon to tell?

“Hi, the Cayman is still available for $16,500. It has 43,100 miles, clean title, no accidents and no money owing on it, and I recently had it inspected, you can see the History Report and the Inspection Report attached to this email.

I just got a very good contract to work for a VIP Gym in London, England and I need the money for an advance on a house, that’s why I am in a hurry to sell it.


I have left the car there with a broker, with all the paperwork (title signed by me, keys, service records, etc) so they can handle everything for me. I have empowered them to transfer registration on my behalf, arrange inspection etc.

Let me know if you are interested so I can put you in contact with them and here is a link with more pictures.”

So, he did attach an “AutoCheck by Experian” report that included the VIN and vehicle history. Also provided the inspection report. But having just been in London, $16,500 is not going to help much on a house . . . It might cover a couple of months rent. I’m going to ask for the broker info, but I’m still suspecting that this is a scam. With the reports, it does look tempting.

Anyone able to run a CarFax report on this VIN?


I shouldn’t even be looking at this, since my savings just got messed up by needing to replace one of my HVAC units in my home. But that’s what retirement funds are for, right?


Unrelated Cayman for your time.