And I believe these are the only three photos of Dad's AH3000. Yet..... not all of them have a straight Six.

By the date on the above pre-swap photo, this was the year he graduated from OCS, and was probably his first purchase as a commissioned officer. I do not know why the swap was done, but I do remember him talking about the I6 being hard to start after it rained. I don't know if something horrible happened to the engine, or if he was bored/wanted something more reliable.

The Cobra was introduced the year before, and the Sunbeam Tiger the year after. While it may seem sacrilegious now, it was pretty Jalop back in '63.

He told me that he didn't want to ruin the way the car looked, so he kept the stock wheels, tires, and ran it without an air cleaner (so not to cut the hood). Other than the exhausts outlets right in front of the rear wheels, it looked stock.


I believe this is also the car he lost a rear wheel on while driving. He remembered lifting when he felt something happen, then looked to his right, and watched his own wheel overtake him. He watched it roll past, make it's way to the shoulder, then hit a streetlight and bounce right back at him. It went right over his head.

He coasted to the soft shoulder and came to a stop and went back to get the wheel and try and find the wheel nut.

Looks like a SBF, but I have no idea where he got it, what it came out of, or the displacement.


There are three photos, so I was expecting to get 3,000 words out of them. I did not.

Edit, just found another one. I don't know who that is in the photo, I'm guessing it could be him or his roommate.