SCCA to Phase Out Spec Miata Racing

In a controversial move, Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) president Michael Larsen has announced that the spec Miata racing series will be phased out by the end of 2015. Even more shocking is what it will be replaced by.

According to Mr. Larsen, the SCCA is in the preparation stages for a spec PT Cruiser series that will replace the spec Miata series in early 2016. Mr. Larsen, in a press release stated the following:

"I know this may come as a surprise to many and a shock to some, but we have been listening to our fan base and have decided to respond with this change. Now, in addition to drivers trying to make faster lap times and fighting for better track position, fans will now be able to watch drivers fight to keep their cars on all 4 wheels around corners and make daring passes while braking, as they will no longer have any acceleration to speak of. This will really up the ante and create an exciting competition. We feel that this will bring new fans, and keep long-time fans on the edges of their seats. The days of spec Miatas, with their stiff suspensions and low centers of gravity are over. The fans demand more excitement, and we plan to deliver this by introducing the spec PT Cruiser series, with a much higher center of gravity and extra body roll."


Despite this optimistic statement released by Mr. Michael Larsen, some fans have protested this change by burning PT Cruisers in the streets and chanting things like "Take the PTs back to the junkyard" and "Give me Miatas or give me death".


There is not yet word if the National Autosport Association (NASA) will also abolish spec Miata racing.

Thank goodness it's April Fool's.

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