On Tuesday the SCCA held one of their TNIA’s at Atlanta Motorsports Park. If you haven’t heard about these events, here’s a quick rundown. They are held at tracks all over the country, from 4pm-9pm this summer. The attendee’s are broken into 3 run groups (novice, intermediate, advanced), each group gets 3-20 minute sessions on track. There’s 2 advantages to this version of a trackday. First, it’s shorter than a typical track day which makes it cheaper (it’s only $150 compared to $300+). Since it starts at 4pm you also don’t have to take an entire day off of work (just leave an hour or 3 early). All in all it’s a fantastic way to spend a week night. It’s not without a couple of complaints though. First, there are no instructors available for the Novice group. Which is one way they keep the cost down so in reality you can’t fault them for that. If you want instruction there’s plenty of other options out there. Secondly, they let some people select whatever group they wanted to be in. I spoke to 2 people in my group (I was in intermediate) that had never been to a trackday EVER. Much less at this track. That led to quite a bit of frustration because they didn’t watch their mirrors, and therefore didn’t give pointby’s resulting in a train of cars piled up behind them. They also never looked at the corner marshals waving the “move over” flag (which would eventually lead to a black flag that they also never saw). Eventually they were demoted to the novice group for the last session. What else are you going to do on a Tuesday night besides binge netflix, or play Forza? It doesn’t matter what you bring, get out there, enjoy yourself and your car for less than a speeding ticket. If you’ve made it this far enjoy some S65 music, and a little OPPO below.