I saw this GTI parked in front of an ALDI store. For all of you who don't know this: ALDI is the grocery store for the rich and famous over here. So exactly my kind of people...

Anyway, it is remarkable how empty the parking lot was and how neatly the owner parked the car under the shadow of a tree.

If an Opel Manta driver had seen this distressing act back in the 80s the war would've been won by them instantly and the whole GTI crowd would've been humiliated forever.


Nice car though! I really dig the color. The license plate suggested it is a model from 1980 and you can see that it is decorated with the H-plate which warrants the originality of the car.

And a crappy interior shot. Although you can't see any of it, I can assure you that all the important bits - for example the plaid and the golf ball shifter - were there and in good shape. I'm not sure whether the steering wheel is orginal or not.