Well my father and I finally crawled under the Passat to figure out what was causing the puddle of coolant we kept finding underneath the car in the morning.

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We found other things. And I think I’m starting to understand why people call VWs unreliable. Up till this point nothing horribly extreme has happened, just things you’d expect over time. Failed fuel pump (after pumping it to full), failed CV Boot, failed secondary air pump, stuff like that.

However, here’s what we found just popping the hood, and taking the engine cover off:

For those not well versed in VW parts and have no idea what the hell your looking at, it’s a hose that is either (A) leaking coolant or (B) is having coolant being dripping on it. The scariest part is the location, which is behind the engine block. especially if (B) holds true, as we can’t see what’s directly above it. Which means it would be hard to fix, and *might* require lifting the engine. Which we neither have the expertise or the tools to do so.


After jacking it up, and taking the skid plate off, we noticed that the inner-sidewall of the passenger side tire is nearly down to the chords, and the inner tread is practically gone. Not that it’s that bad, the driver side isn’t nearly as bad (which is sorta strange), there also winter tires that my dad has just been wearing down. We just didn’t realize how close they were.

(Yes I know the picture is over-exposed, but you couldn’t see it otherwise... And because I’m shit at taking photos, AND I’m using a iPhone)


However, that’s far from the worse of the woes.

On top of the coolant leaking, we found dried anti-freeze, to which surprises me because I had no idea it was even leaking anti-freeze, (then again, now that I think of it, I think he smelled it a month or two ago. I say he because I have a terrible sense of smell). Not the point, the point is “Hey! It’s also leaking Anti-Freeze!”


On top of that, the back half of the transmission is wet. With what? Hopefully coolant. I think it is, but I’ve never seen transmission fluid before, and all it did is make it darker, but either way here’s a picture:

(Again over-exposed, but I’m not going outside to take another picture)

However, it’s the next bit that absolutly terrifies me. Here is a picture of the oil case:


This is the oil pan. If you look next to the VW Audi symbol, is a stress/hairline fracture. And it’s not the only one. There’s another one more towards the left/down from that fracture. I have no idea how long it’s been there.

What really scares me is this is my-to-be first car, I wanted to put adjustable coilovers, and chip it, then take it to college and keep maintaining it. Eventually drop a W-12 into it because at 16 money, as well as the difficulty of fabricating a whole new fabricated AWD system and possible custom transmission along with firewall modifications doesn’t really deter me from wishing.


Anyway, my big question is, at this stage, if I fix/replace the oil pan, will it cost the same as if the oil pan had failed?


(1) I’m an idiot, and *apperently* coolant and Anti-freeze are the same thing. I’m embarrassed


(2) apparently the coolant/anti-freeze leak is caused by a broken flange. It’ll take a day to fix, but till then, it’s not a fast leak, and we just refilled it.

(3) we took off the winter tires/rims and put the old rims (with all seasons) on. The wear patterns still exsist on those, so something with the alignment is definitely off.

(4) the fluid on the transmission is probably coolant

(5) after rubbing my finger over the crack, I think it feels like a ridge and it might (Fingers crossed) be a casting thing.