On the Buick Lucerne CXL/Super.

I think I rather like them. The local dealer has an 08 with just over 100k that he’s asking $3600 for, which I am seriously considering, as it gets us a newer car with lower mileage without a car payment. I just know absolutely nothing about them.


So fellow Oppos, school me.

What should I look out for? Common issues/problems?

Other suggestions?

Has to seat 5 comfortably, would prefer seating for 6.

Has to return decent mileage (high 20s-low 30s is acceptable).

Must be either fun or extremely comfortable.

Must be reasonably reliable (I don’t want to be fixing shit every weekend).

Needs “enough” power.

NO TOYOTA/HONDA/SUBARUs (Too many bad experiences).

Outside of that, I’m pretty open.

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