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Sold the E46 wagon, so on to the next toy. I think I need the vehicle of choice for the Red Cross, UN, and countless rebel factions across the globe, a Land Cruiser. Looking at the different generations, I’m leaning towards a 100 series for a few different reasons. Price, towing ability, capability, comfort, and features. Probably a 1998 or 1999 since they all have locking rear and center diffs.


I know that frame rust is an issue, as it seems to be on every body on frame Toyota vehicle. I’ve read a bit and saw a great video on what to look for on these, so I think I’m prepared to shop.

Anyone have any first hand knowledge? Things to look for, things I want for sure, things to avoid? I’d prefer a stock truck with stock wheels, not something lifted.


Input? I’ve decided that if I’m buying a Toyota SUV I may as well go for the granddaddy instead of a 4 Runner for the greater capability, size, towing and just the coolness of a LandCruiser VS 4Runner.

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