Looking for insight from the hive mind of Oppo. Tell me about the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

I drove one and overall I liked it, though it is a heavy beast, it did feel planted with decent enough handling & acceleration for a midsize family car.

So... What kind of problems do they have?

I read that some have experienced loss of power at highway speeds. How common of a problem is this? From what I could find, the most common cause seems to be something wrong with the throttle body, which apparently affected the non-hybrid 2010 Fusions too. I guess there was a TSB about this but no recall. Also when this condition occurs it’s not always the throttle body and can be caused by a bad fuel pump, but apparently often no code is thrown which can complicate troubleshooting?

Also read that sometimes when you go to start them there is zero power to anything, as in no lights (exterior or interior, no fan, radio, nada, nin, zilch, which I heard can be caused by a bad parking (gear shift) sensor/switch, which can be verified by shifting to neutral & then starting it; if this works... then it’s that sensor/switch that has gone bad. This actually happened on the one that I test drove at a dealership, as I parked it (return from test drive). I when to restart it to adjust the park job and no power to anything what so ever, very weird, though I didn’t think much of it, b/c salesman was trying to close the deal that night & it was my 1st time driving one.

Anything else to watch out for? Can a Fusion Hybrid actually go the distance +200K with Accord / Camry type reliability and low cost of operation? The hybrid system should be about the same as that in the Escape Hybrid and I know some of those have been used for taxi service with of course +300K miles.

Considerations: I’m looking for a nice daily commuter, with enough space to handle kid duty occasionally. I want something with high mpg, reliable, decently fun to drive and a modest touch of luxury (moonroof & maybe leather seats is enough) and of course low +100K miles and inexpensive (so under 8K if I can help it).


Also driven: I drove a 2nd gen Prius (2004 - 2009) and ruled that out (too slow); I drove a 3rd gen (2010 - 2016) and that could be an option if I could find one with a moon roof (though this appears to be pretty rare to find). I will say I was surprised at how cheap and hard the plastic dash and door cards were on these, way worse than my current commuter (98 Jetta TDI)

Not yet driven (though open to...) Survey Says... Honda, 1st gen Accord hybrid 2nd gen Civic Hybrid or Insight

Camry Hybrid, though unless interior materials really are leaps & bounds better than the Prius, which I think is reasonable to assume from the interior pics I’ve seen.


Or one of the Korean fraternal hybrid twins (Sonata or Optima)

I’d love an early Chevy Volt b/c max commuter mpge and all* and it seems like (probably b/c Lutz was so ga-ga over the Volt introduction) it seems like GM really put forth world class type effort on the development & execution on these), though I think the backseat will be too puny for any kid duty

*Assums (as GM engineers did) that your daily commute is no more than 50 miles total, you can actually get damn high fuel economy (really best commuter car option for least running cost b/c a full electric, with really the Leaf about the only real inexpensive option)


Note: I ruled out Nissan Leaf, b/c my commute is enough (about 45 total miles per day total) that I’m just willing to push the range, especially with winter driving