School me on Auto Glass

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Some of you may recall that my wife hulk smashed her windshield a few weeks ago trying to swat a gnat. Yeah, fun stuff. Anyways, fast forward to now, it’s time for a replacement.


First thing I do is call my insurance company, who directs me to their preferred provider of Safelite. Apparently my policy doesn’t have a windshield allowance, and since the $400 quote is below my $500 deductible it’s entirely out of pocket. There’s only one other shop in town that has good reviews, Auto Glass Now. I had never heard of them, but apparently there’s about 80 nationwide. Their quote was only $250.

For grins, I priced out a new windshield for my Cherokee too. It also came with a $150-$175 difference in price.


All in, I can get two windshields replaced at Auto Glass Now for the price of just one at Safelite. Is all the marketing really that expensive? Is there really any difference in the actual glass?

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