School Me, Oppo: 3rd Gen Accord

What is a nice 3rd Gen Accord (auto) worth? It’s got 127k on the clock.

My grandpa bought an ‘88 Accord LX-i brand new  back in 1988 (which was when you bought brand new 1988 things).

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He kept it in nearly perfect condition for 30 years. He drove it less and less over the years, and it became the occasional grandkid loaner car. Not that any of us ever abused it - our parents all owned faster machines. But it was a great car, and it never accumulated many miles.


After he passed away several years ago, it didn’t get driven much for a long time. But my youngest brother took it over on a more permanent basis for the last few years, and has let the maintenance slide. And now it’s time to sell it.

It needs a bunch of little things that add up to $500-$1000 if I was doing the work, and at last double that if my parents are paying a mechanic.


I’ve found nice ones going for upwards of $7k on BaT.

So question one is, is it worth it to fix it before they sell it? I would, but I’m not there to fix it.


Question two is, what Honda forums do you guys suggest for a resource and to eventually post it for sale? I’ve looked around a little and the ones I’ve found are way more poorly organized than the BMW forums I visit. I couldn’t even find some basic answers or a sub-forum for that generation Accord. So any suggestions?

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