School me oppo, on manga. Please.

Time for a genuine question ladies and gentlemen, regarding manga. Here’s a cool Fulvia scene for your time.

My 10 year old girl, who is interested and in drawing and animation, wants me to get her manga booklets. I don’t really have a problem with that, in fact I would love to, but my knowledge of Japanese cartoon and animation art is very limited - I have Akira and a selection of Miyazaki works in my movie collection, but that’s about it.


The question is of course: what should I try and get her? Where should she start? I’m open to all suggestions, but please bear in mind, that she knows little-to-no English, let alone Japanese, so the only viable options are those well-known enough to have been translated to Hungarian. As a thank you gift, have some flying British fella for your efforts. Cheers.

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