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School me Oppos, Fox Body Mustangs

While realistically it wouldn’t happen til spring at the earliest, I’ve been getting obsessed with the idea of a rough & ready Mustang for bombing around in.

All pics are cars for sale locally, this is 2.3 5-spd car for $1200 that I actually like the look of.

I want something simple and light, with decent suspension/brakes/tires, a manual trans, and enough power to get up and move. I have no plans to make it pretty or “nice” so I can try rallycross, autocross, drifting, etc. without a care for it.

another 2.3L 5-spd, this one for $1100. I actually like the lighter look of the non-GT cars.

In a perfect world I’d love to do this with a ‘65/’66 coupe, but non-rotted examples of those are few and far between in New England at beater prices. So I have been looking at fox-body Mustangs. They seem to tick the same boxes of simple & light, with lots of parts availability. And most are old enough to qualify for “classic” status which means easier time with state inspections.

Epic interior on a beige ‘81

So School me. Are these chassis a decent basis for a all-rounder mild hoonmobile? Is the lego-like swappability of suspension/brakes/drivetrain actually as easy as Mustang guys make it seem?

T- tops are epic, the v6 & auto less so.

It also seems like 2.3L cars go for basically pennies and are a lot less beat than their V8 brethren at the bottom of the market. Is it worth getting one of these at all? I know long term it would need proper heavier duty steering/suspension/brakes and either a turbo or more cylinders. But are they any fun as-is to start?

This Capri has a bad motor, but I was amused by his chosen method to block the plate.

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