School pickup, road rage edition.

Well, crap. I went to pick up my 10th grader at his high school this afternoon. The road in front of the school is a 4 lane with a middle turn lane (5 lanes?). To get into the school’s drive, you have to move into the middle turn lane and make the left turn. So as usual I’m proceeding in the #1 land and start decelerating to make my move to the turn lane, I activated my left turn signal when this guy in a white convertible Mustang that was behind me, speeds by me in the turn lane. I show him my disapproval by blowing my horn. Yeah, I give him the 4 or 5 second “You fucking asshole” honk.

So I complete my move into the turn lane and sit behind him. He doesn’t make his turn although there is no oncoming traffic and instead turns around and starts glaring and screaming at me. I motion to him to go ahead and make his turn. (I just take my hand and motion at him to take his left turn.) He just sits there. Well, hell, I’m not going to sit there being blocked by this nut case and take the left myself, going around him on the left and onto school property.

Fuck. That was a mistake. Now he is behind me and can see my license plate (of course I know his). I proceed to get in the carpool pickup line while Mustang guy pulls up beside me and starts screaming at me. I keep my windows rolled up and ignore him. Thank goodness, he just drives off after I refuse to engage him. But of course, now he knows my car and I really don’t want to run into him at school again.


I think neither of us were exactly gentlemanly here, but this guy really did pull an ass-hat move by passing me as I clearly signaled my intentions to turn. I shouldn’t have laid down on my horn. That is my bad, as was going around Mustang guy as he sat there blocking me I guess. I don’t need this in my life right now. Maybe I should just take a different car to school until the end of the school year.

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