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My son had a jazz band performance yesterday.

He does not attend this school, but the performance was there. He came home badly shaken and scared. The school went to full lockdown, and he was rattled by SWAT officers with machine guns clearing the school. They were getting ready to barricade the band room door with the grand piano when the all clear came.

One of the saddest things was that my son kept talking about how this school’s lockdown procedure was efficient and fast, while a recent active shooter drill at his school was a complete clusterfuck. I cannot believe I am having these conversations with my kids.


I am not a big Second Amendment guy, or big on gun control. I don’t own guns, but I have plenty of friends who do. I understand why people want to own them and I am ok with it.

But I just got back from a vacation in Europe, and had occasion to experience security as I passed through airports in various countries. Every museum and historical site had security screening.


The gun debate will not be resolved during my kids’ time in school. Until we figure that one out, I want my kids’ schools to be at least as safe as a fucking airport. I want tall fences, limited points of ingress and egress, metal detectors, x-ray machines, all that shit. Sorry Parkwood kids, you lost me when you opposed clear backpacks. That is a smart idea.

I have to go through airport type security in courthouses, federal buildings, and even most high-rise office buildings in SF (due to a famous workplace shooting ar a law firm). Schools are more important than all of these combined, and while we are fighting over the hard issues, let’s do the easy thing and treat them like other targeted locations by enhancing security and screening.


Figure out the rest later. Secure the schools now.

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