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My wife and I have paid more for the sweatshirt (and the education that came with it) than we did for Meepster. I’m the fat one looking confused on the floor. This was at a STEM night at a local elementary school. The only person older than me in this class is the instructor. She’s the one who took the picture. Only the blonde woman directly behind me and I are trying to teach anything beyond second grade.

The woman in the black jacket to the right always has colorful shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear the same pair of casual shoes twice - only runners when she’s in her gym clothes. One of these women gave me a “save the date,” card for her wedding. Another of them has full tattoo sleeves.


The young man in the back is a baseball player and will miss the final for one class because he’s getting an award in the student-athlete banquet. He, the brown-haired woman in black directly behind me, and I are all student teaching at the same school in the fall.

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That young man has the coolest car of all of them - a ‘91 Cadillac Sedan Deville in immaculate condition - light blue over dark blue leather. Runner-up is the blonde woman by the J in Jazz. She has a new Civic hatch.

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