Normally I just don’t bother, but some guy was claiming that taxpayers built the Circuit of the Americas, which was then handed over at a complete loss to Red McCombs. We argued for a bit, him making unsubstantiated claims (I’m sure either misinterpreting something he read about the guaranteed $250M to secure the F1 race license from Ecclestone or just something someone told him which he took at face value), and me just posting story after story stating reality.

So I checked back a bit ago and he’d deleted the entire comment thread, but reposted an article (One I’d posted, of course) explaining the nuance of the Texas Major Events Trust Fund and all the ways we might have illegally gone about expending public monies on the F1 race, and also how Ecclestone just plowed over everyone involved and is in fact an evil gnome.

Dude never acknowledged I was right and he was wrong, and he didn’t change his position that COTA is a horrible, un-Texan facility where Colombian drug hookers run wild in the night, but I still feel it’s a win for reason on social media.


I am right, right?