Scion is dead IMO. no more XB, no more Scion. It’s like if Honda didn’t make a Civic, or Ford stopped making the F-150. They are deleting the very thing that defined the brand. The funky, fun, and useful box that you could pick up for cheap, and it would serve you well from highschool to your 30’s with to kids. Now that’s gone, now they make a Corolla hatchback, a Mazda, and a...Subaru Celica.

In other news my local Toyota dealership got it’s first iM(stupid name) in “Spring green”. Which is actually the color you get when your yellow highlighter touches your green highlighter a bit.

Now I don’t hate the car on it’s own. I actually almost like the way it looks. I just hate that Toyota is lying to me about this car. Their trying to tell us it’s unique and cool and fun. When really it’s just a Corolla, with a CVT, and an unexciting 130hp 1.8l. (Yes, you can get a 6 speed manual but no one will.) They are selling an exciting car without actually making an exciting car. An ST twin competitor this ain’t.

I also saw one of these things the other day out in the wild. Nightmare fuel.