Senna Bless the United Shifts of Oppo. The coming nights are very important nights. There are many other candidates running for office, but we all know the others are dangerous. However, one pair is the most dangerous.

You may have seen their ads. Their personal attacks. Their rabid accusations. I am, of course, talking about TheHondaBro and his running mate SaveTheIntegras. These two are hell-bent on destroying Oppo.

They relentlessly lobbied to prevent the favorable Hondoug merger, which actually would’ve created thousands of video production jobs.

They are evil. And they are deceiving the general public.


Do the people of the United Shifts of Oppo really want a leadership made of boredom, broken dreams, cinderblocks, stolen wheels, relentless firebombing, danger, and New Jersey? They claim to provide universal automotive enjoyment, but at what cost? Under a HondaBro/Integras leadership, this is what the people of the United Shifts of Oppo will live like, each and every day:

You may be familiar with this photograph, and that’s because our team of researchers has discovered that a doctored version was used for their campaign. They cleaned the photo up and tried to make it look all nice and pleasant.


TheHondaPrevaricator and SaveTheEquivocator are pathological liars.

Must we live like such savages? HondaBro and Integras do not care about Oppo.

I care about Oppo. And Nibby cares about Oppo.

We have devoted our lives to making Oppo sideways again. And we are both New Yorkers. Our New York values are better than their semi-New Jersey values. They just are.


All of this is why you, the people of Oppo, must vote for us.

Vote for us to save you.

Vote for us to save Oppo.

Thank you.

And Senna Bless the United Shifts of Oppo.

This is why we love our supporters: