I found this little guy on FB market place Friday. It looks like an overgrown Power Wheels, and it’s actually a 150 moped with 2 side by side seats, and an extra wheel.


I was actually beginning to consider buying it, but as you can see it already sold. My brother also found a video of one being test driven. The ad said they are limited to 55, and with a 150cc I’m sure it couldn’t do much more. Probably takes about 14 seconds to get up to that speed as well. But it seems like a fun way to buzz around town, especially if you have a kid you need to bring with you, like a 10 year old HFV Jr.

I just found some more pic from Scoot Coupe’s website. Also you can get better pricing by buying a fleet. The idea being that you’ll be able to rent them out. I suppose if you’re in a warm, touristy area that could be a fun business venture. I know I’d be keen to rent one if I was on a beach vacation.


The real surprise tho is he price tag. Nearly 8300 bucks! You could buy a lot of nice motorcycles for that. That more than the Elio was supposed to have cost...............

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