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UPDATED, with success: Scooter wrenching troubles

I got some good evening wrenching in tonight. My wife took Shop-Teacher Jr to the library after dinner, and Shop-Teacher III had to go to bed early (this is what happens when you don’t nap child!), so off to the garage I went with a belly full of bacon and shrimp quesadillas (which were amazeballs).

I managed to get my Kymco 150 (the red scooter) fully ready to rock. A tremendous about of fiddling, yanking, pulling, etc got the new exhaust on. I changed the oil and spark plug, and let it idle for about 10 minutes to get all that fresh fuel worked through and things moving again. It hadn’t run since the end of August. Of course it rained tonight, so I couldn’t ride it, but at least it’s finally in fighting shape.


The $100 Elite 80 will start on carb cleaner, is drawing fuel down now, and will stay running if I stay on the throttle. It won’t yet idle or restart on it’s own. I only ran it for about a minute or two, because it’s kind of loud and I didn’t want to wake up the kiddo. It was running better even in just that time, so I’m hopeful that a good old Italian tune-up will sort it out.

Original post:

My $100 Honda Elite is mechanically back together. It’s not sucking fuel down to the carb. I added an inline fuel filter and a loop of extra fuel line to keep it away from the shock) spring. Maybe it’s too torturous of a path?

My Kymco Super 8-150 runs now with it’s new exhaust, but the rear mounting bolts holes don’t line up.


I am frustrated.

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