Scorching Take - The C5Z looks better than the JZA80

With all this talk of how the Supra prototype “doesn’t look as good as the old supra!!1!” I thought I’d stoke the flames and bring things into perspective. You see, styling is 100% subjective. Some people, like myself, think this:

Looks better than this:


Now, you might disagree with me. A perfectly sensible person might reply “Are you blind? You worthless sack of know-nothing garbage. Have you any sense? Are you a REAL car enthusiast?!”

But the good news is it doesn’t matter. Because everyone likes different things. It’s the reason why the Murano Convertible ever left dealer lots.

You might look at the Supra and think it’s the best looking car ever. Someone else might look at it and think it’s bloated, has goofy headlights and weird tail lamps, that the little hole in the 1/4 panel looks like an afterthought compared to the C5Z and that the hole under the headlight looks like a cartoon smile. Or that the rear only looks acceptable with a massive wing and that it looks absolutely awful de-winged. That person might even conclude that the whole design is neither edgy or curvy and that it’s just stuck in the middle of a blob-like state.

In case I haven’t prodded enough people, I will conclude with this: I owned a C5Z and one of the few things I DISLIKED about it was the pop-up headlights. Pointless, heavy, noisy, awful things that looked ridiculous at night.


I’ll see myself out

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