You all know about the wreck. Now let’s talk about tires.

The WRX has symmetrical all-wheel-drive just like the rest of the Subaru lineup. This requires all four tires to be the same size, have the same tread pattern, and have similar wear. The owner’s manual says that things can go horribly wrong if you fail to maintain close measurements between your tires. How close? “Within 1/4-inch of tire circumference or about 2/32-inch of each other in remaining tread depth.” (Tire Rack)

I bring all of this up because the right-rear tire was slashed in the wreck and will need to be replaced. When the insurance company put together their estimate, they only included the cost of a single tire. So, I hopped on the phone and explained the problem. This was news to them. They asked me to send something in writing. So, I sent them a screenshot from the owner’s manual.

To my surprise, I just received an email containing this:

“We are in agreement to having all 4 tires replaced on your vehicle; although, we will apply applicable betterment to each tire.”


So, there will be some adjustment due to the wear on the tires, but they will be paying for new ones!