I was driving back from the glass shop after getting a stone chip filled in.

Taken on the test ride.

See a bike at the end of a drive way with a “free” sign next to it. I pull over, look at it. It’s bigger so I’ll fit on it, I don’t need raise the seat all way up. The frame was good so I knock on the door of house to confirm its free, & the lady says it need lots of work. So I took it. He husband bought it new, but can’t ride it any more for health reasons.

There are good paved/ garvel trails close by so I test drive it. The brakes are shot. I made stop at a bike shop to have it looked over. The brakes (pads, cables, etc)like I guessed were shot. The shifter linkage was also shot. It also needs new tires, & a new chain.

The bike shop gave me a quote what it be to get fixed, it be $135 to get fixed. The bike shop is across the parking lot from where I work, so I’ll take it there. The frame is super light aluminum, & it has no corrosion. Just some paint missing from age.


I did some research & it is a early-mid 90s Land Gear 8200. It was top of the line mountain bike back in its day apparently.