Exterior tie downs RULE
Exterior tie downs RULE

Our various guests had been subjected to a blow-up (albeit nice) mattress on the floor for the past two years. It’s got the built in pump and is 18" deep, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass to set up and break down every time. I can barely make my own bed as it is. We had been dragging our feet as to whether to get a futon (convenient but dubious longevity, often uncomfortable) or a proper mattress, which costs money (my one weakness!).

As fortune would have it, we spent zero bucks and got the best setup.

My friends upgraded to a king mattress last week and offered their queen and box spring for free. And, my parents also upgraded to a king and gave me their solid oak bedframe the week before. So now, my guest room will have a proper, comfy (but not TOO comfy) bed for two.


Who says procrastination AND being cheap don’t pay off?

Also, longboi continues to earn its keep in the stable.

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