I recently bought an air purifier for my house, because my gf and I have 3 cats. In researching air purifiers, I discovered many of them are total crap, and it takes far too much looking into airflow rates and replacement filter costs to pick a truly good air purifier. I did, and it's already paid for itself.

I won't bore you with all of the particulars of air purifiers, but needless to say, there are many particulars. I ended up buying the Kenmore 83396 Large Room HEPA Filter Air Purifier from Sears.

My gf often leaves for a few days at a time to take care of her elderly mom, who lives about 80 miles away. She left last Friday and returned today, about an hour ago. Since she wasn't home, I spent a good portion of my weekend partaking in activities which are legal in Colorado while binge watching Arrow, Star Trek DS9, and Food Network.

I kept on top of the house cleaning, but I was still a little surprised, in a good way, to receive the following message upon my gf's return home:

It's so clean and fresh in here. How nice to come home to!

I never even took the purifier off its lowest fan speed (with the ionizer turned on).


If that's not a ringing endorsement for the Kenmore 83396 Large Room HEPA Filter Air Purifier, I don't know what is.