Usually, I buy wheels & tires from my local Discount Tire store. But I just bought a set of wheels & tires from Tire Rack, because they had the specific wheels I wanted. I’m very happy with the wheels, but Tire Rack didn’t balance them very well.

I called Tire Rack, and they said they’d refund me up to $80 toward balancing, no receipt needed. I called my local Discount Tire and lifetime (of the tires) balancing is $63. I’ve got an appointment this afternoon. Score one for Tire Rack messing up their balance job the first time.

UPDATE: I had the balance job done at Discount, and on my way back to work the vibration in my steering wheel was gone. Tire Rack is processing a refund for the cost of the balancing. I’m both annoyed at Tire Rack that they couldn’t just balance the wheels right the first time, but also happy that they paid for lifetime balancing at Discount. You know, just in case I flat spot them or something.