I saw two Macs on my local craigslist yesterday and picked them up today for $50.

They both did not have hard drives but I put two spare 2.5" 80GB ones in them. That’s all the extra drives I have. The one pictured I cleaned a lot inside and out. Apparently it is a dual 2.5GHz PowerPC with 6GB RAM + a 128mb AGP ATI RADEON card. This one I plan to sell.


The other one is a lot more interesting. It’s a dual processor Xeon and I am upgrading it to dual quad core Xeons and bumping the RAM to 16GB. Also tossing in an SSD. The only thing though is that I would need a gfx card upgrade (these are finicky...) Anyone happen to have a 512mb NVIDIA 8800GTS or a Radeon HD 5770? And does anyone happen to have any spare 3.5" SATA 7200RPM hard drives that are at least 300GB? Let me know. Thanks