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Scott Speed, an apparent child, got bumped into in a virtual racing game. Rather than shrugging it off he chose to sit on the course and wait for the person who bumped him to come around so he could ram him off the track.

In iRacing, the virtual racing game referenced, assholes can be reported and replays reviewed so penalties can be assessed. You see iracing, unlike other games, takes its simulator status very seriously. It is a competitive online game that emphasizes realistic racing and fair competition. It’s a fun environment to practice wheel to wheel racing free from the trolls that so often plague online games with poor behavior. It has certainly improved now that one man-child has been removed for being the exact person the community is intended to filter out.

In response to his suspension, Scott had this unbelievably childish response:

“This is not real life, it’s a game. The penalty for my action if protested against, is a suspension, which I accept[ed] and received. I personally wouldn’t feel like a man protesting a guy who I just accidentally wrecked out of the lead for returning the favor,” he wrote. “But that’s me, and I understand that thinking is not treating iRacing with the appropriate amount of respect and is wrong. For that I sincerely apologize.”


Honestly, I hope his suspension turns into a permanent ban and his sponsors take a close look at this behavior. It’s unfitting of a racing professional, let alone any normal, decent, well functioning adult.

It’s fine to have fun in online gaming, but if you can’t manage your own frustrations well enough to keep from intruding on other’s enjoyment you should probably put the controller down. And if you’re a real professional race driver you should have the courtesy to follow the same standards as those you race alongside in a game.