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Scotty Kilmer: A Discussion

Scotty Kilmer is pretty huge in the YouTube world, with just over one million subscribers and 890 videos to date. This begs me to ask the question, why?

I have watched plenty of Scotty’s videos, and I don’t doubt that he knows his stuff with working on cars, but so many of his videos come across as ill-informed. He uses anecdotal evidence to prop up his opinions as “facts” and “common sense”. I know Tavarish wrote an article a while back on his Mercedes video, but there have been many transgressions since then. One that sticks out is this one.

The Ford Focus in the beginning is a 2.0 naturally aspirated Duratec. Come on, You have all this knowledge and experience, but you don’t know that doesn’t even have the aforementioned turbocharger?


Basically in Scotty’s world, if you don’t drive a mid 90's Toyota product with no fun modifications whatsoever, you’re DUMB. Can anyone here who might watch Scotty’s videos give me some insight on why you like him?

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