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Scratching an itch

Ever since I drove one a month or so ago, I’ve been thinking about the JLUR. I went to another dealer today to drive one again, even though it isn’t a configuration I would buy.

A nicely optioned Rubicon, and I don’t mind the red, but it’s not my first choice. Unlike my prior test drive, this one was an automatic. It’s a nice transmission and all, but I’d have to get it in the manual. This type of vehicle just screams manual tranny to me.


I still like the interior. It’s functional, laid out well for me, and i think it looks good. My son’s hockey gear fits in the back with no issues. So where does this leave me?

I’m off work on Monday. I’m narrowing down what I want for options, and I’m going to have to order one. Some things I could compromise on, but I definitely want the dual top option. Finding one on a lot anywhere with a factory dual top is difficult. Most have the soft top delete. Find a manual is also difficult, although not impossible.


I’ll chat with my wife tonight about her thoughts, but she’s already been approving the color choices, so I’m pretty sure she’s onboard. If I order one on Monday, I should have it before the end of December. That would make for a nice little present.

Bonus Mojito Rubicon.

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