*Screaming internally* (repost for morning shift)

There is a yamaha TDM850 for sale. Not *too* far from me. For cheap. I can’t contain myself. Looking at this with 2019 eyes you think “Wow, it’s a BMW gs competitor.....woooo.” But look through 1992 eyes and see that this is one of the bikes that invented the “adventure” bike. Also this has a 10-valve crossplane parallel twin but is sized for my frame.

It’s rare. It was a sales flop. It’s kinda ugly. There are plenty of “better” bikes. It’s pure hipster bait. And I don’t care.



I’m riding out on saturday to see it if all goes well. I am soooooooo antsy right now though. Like the KLR, it isn’t perfect on paper. I don’t care. I want it. I want it now.

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