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So I’m trying to deal with my mom’s estate, including her account with BoA. They send me a packet of information and forms to close out her account. I complete the forms, have everything notarized, run it all by an attorney, then send it in. Sending it to them is a joke - they will accept hard copies by mail or you can fax it to them, but you can’t scan the paperwork and post it or send it via e-mail. Never mind that I could scan the paperwork and send it to them from a fax modem or via fax service. Go figure.


I decide to fax everything in, then wait a week for a response. Nothing. So I call them. They have taken issue with one of the forms and didn’t bother to contact me about it. At issue is one of the statements in the affidavit, “The fair market value of property located in this state owned by the decedent and subject to disposition by will or intestate succession at the time of the decedent’s death, less liens and encumbrances, does not exceed Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000.00).” This is a DIRECT QUOTE from the applicable statutes in the State of Oklahoma. BoA’s problem? The word “or”.

In order to assuage BoA, my attorney makes the change, we get everything signed and notarized, and I resubmit the paperwork. Now they tell me that I’m sending in the wrong paperwork, but refuse to tell me what paperwork they will accept.


Oklahoma law absolves them of any culpability in the case where documents are forged or falsified. From 58 O.S. §58-394: “Such person is not required to inquire into the truth of any statement in the affidavit.” And, “Any person to whom payment, delivery, transfer, or issuance is made is answerable and accountable therefor to any personal representative of the estate or to any other person having a superior right.“

If someone were to claim a superior right to my mom’s estate, then it’s on them to prove their right and it’s on me to refute the claim. BoA wouldn’t be involved beyond providing copies of the paperwork. BoA isn’t even required to file any paperwork with the State, so there’s nobody providing oversight that would deny the paperwork.


All of this headache for just enough cash to pay for her funeral and pay off her final bills.

Screw Bank of America.

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