I’ve lost lots of money on lots of cars. Usually I’ve lost that money by buying parts and doing stuff to cars, and then getting bored and selling said cars, so I’m usually hesitant to spend money.

Chrome badges are on, btw.

Things seem to be different with the Land Cruiser. Maybe it’s because I know my money is safe in it, but I’ve spent more money on things this truck doesn’t need in the last month than I’ve spent on any other vehicle in the last ten years or so. And it feels really good, you guys.

I get bored, I go through cars. The longest I’ve ever kept a car is four years, on a 2001 Audi allroad, and the only thing I ever bought for that car that it didn’t need was a short throw shifter. I’ve had Fox Mustangs, Cors both Vette and Vair, F-bodies, and a really nice Jaguar, and I didn’t want to spend a god damn dime on them because I knew I’d get sick of them.

Maybe I’ve changed. I’ve gotten older, I’ve got a kid, responsibilities. But I feel like I’m settling into the Land Cruiser. I don’t have any desire to daily something different, I don’t really even want a ‘toy’ anymore. I like improving my current vehicle more than I’d like a new one, which is really a first.


Is this what being a one-vehicle enthusiast feels like? It’s weird, but I like it.