Yeah, you heard me, screw him. He got what he deserved. All this outpouring of support is ridiculous.

He assaulted a coworker. He punched a co-worker in the face. Have any of you considered this? Jeremy Clarkson, a grown man with children, punched a co-worker because he was annoyed.

That's inexcusable. I don't care if he was the damn pope, adults don't act that way and get any sympathy from me. He's lucky he only got fired. And he's lucky that people like him so much that he'll find another high paying job.

I'll miss top gear as it was. I liked him as a presenter. If he retired Id be sad, but getting fired for acting like a man child is deserved.

Would you all be this upset if Piers Morgan was fired for attacking someone?

Seriously, it's ridiculous. Screw Jeremy Clarkson