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Screw the 2JZ!!

And your LS swaps!!! Not only is it mated to a AWD system, but it can be beaten to a pulp and it is always ready for more. Plus, no 2JZ or LS is ever going to sound this good.

People send these thing to ridiculous power levels. Don't know how reliable they are at 1000hp. People say 400hp is about as good as it will get before you have to start changing internals out.

The old inline 5 was based off of a 10v version found in 100s. Then it was turbocharged and they placed the engine in the sedan. Then the Sport Quattro came out with 20v turbocharged fury. It was an alloy block and when used in rally operations made nearly 550hp and up to 600hp for their Pikes Peak car.

Then they placed the 20v engine into the IMSA GTO car(which made 700hp). It was "based" on the production engine which doesn't mean anything cause now it is a race engine. They final decided to mass produce the engine in the early 90s! Hurray! So now us poor folk can buy a somewhat racing related engine.

This was generally knowledge I have. If any Audi aficionados can help point me to a good source of information I would appreciate that!


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