In my quest to extinguish recurring monthly payments, it occured to me that I should talk to my apartment about paying the lease off in full. I’ve lived here 5 years and that would cut out the biggest monthly payment I make. Well rejoice in the heedance of my meager quandary for I may now strip away $754 from my monthly expenses! This means that $809 a month (*cough* projected *ackhem*) covers all my food, entertainment, utilities, and other required payments on a month-to-month basis.

The next part is becoming comfortably aggressive like mange on a child’s teddy bear in order to get the Grand Cherokee paid off this year while maxing out the $6,000 limit for 2019 IRAs. It will take me the entire year but I seriously think I’ve got something here.

In 2020, without monthly rent, a monthly car payment, and properly curtailed spending, I could be looking at living on $450 a month for that particular year. I still have every intention of making my dream garages happen, I’m just turning into a finance enthusiast so that I can make this car enthusiast thing realistic. I also want to be ready to take advantage of this upcoming recession.


This is the culmination of 6 years of progression through day-to-day, week-to-week (paycheck-to-paycheck), month-to-month (correct credit card use), and now entering year-to-year living (paying things in full annually/lifetime).

I’ll keep you all posted on my mistakes, successes, plans, and discoveries as I go from guinea pig to lamb-boar-guinea pig with whatever it is I’m doing here. Trust me, my mind is the most wobbled of all but like my mom says, "If it works, marry it."