Screw this Cars and Coffee weather...

So, after the rotten turnout on a very cold December 2016 I skipped the January 2017 one. That officially marked the first time I had ever done that. There is a little backstory to that which you can find on my YouTube channel (“The tweet about bowing out”). Long story short: I was getting frustrated and burned out...

So February rolls around. The previous weekend was awesome weather wise. The perfect car show temperatures! But naturally the actual weekend of the show was again cold. When I got in my car I saw the rain drops on the windshield. Just a few, but they were there. Against my better judgement I set off. The resentment towards my hobby was still very much alive even after getting stuff off my chest, and half way in the short drive I nearly turned around. “Screw this,” I thought. But I went on. The parking around the show was decently filled, but I still got a closer spot than usual. And that is a bad sign. The closer I can park the less cars I can expect in the Classic BMW lot.

How wrong was I when I saw my first glimpses. It was packed. Everything was there, from classic, to current to supercars. I guess everyone was sick and tired of not going and they just went. I was glad I did. It lit the pilot light that was snuffed out.

And I am pretty bad about keeping secrets... A 2015 GTR review happened the Sunday after cars and coffee... I am going to need weeks to edit that video but man... I totally get it now, I thought I did, but now I 100% do... One word... Ok... two... Launch control... And that pilot light? We’re burning some massive fossil fuel once again! (Still doesn’t change the fact I can’t churn out videos like I used to anymore, 1, 2 or maybe 3 a month and I am tapped out for time).


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