... for not making cruise control standard on the 2013 F-150. I got my first speeding ticket the other day, largely because of that. Yes, obviously it was my own fault, (especially since I would have been speeding anyway; I thought the limit was still 70, but it had dropped to 60) but I wouldn’t have been going 82 if I was able to set the truck at 70 like I do when I get to use the much nicer GMC at work. I probably would have been able to get a warning if it was that situation, since the officer did seem to be understanding of the fact that I was going to Atlanta from Memphis (6-7 hours) and on course to make it back just minutes before the warehouse closed. (spoiler: I didn’t make it in time)

But anyway, the good news is he marked the truck as a personal vehicle, so I technically still haven’t gotten a ticket on the job, and that just might be all it takes to keep me from losing this one. That said, I do think I need to tell them about it at some point, and I really hope they operate on a three-strikes system or something.

On a related note, I’m kicking myself for not taking a few minutes in the morning to cross the river into Arkansas, just for the sake of adding another state to my collection.