Ever since Bozi T's Most recent Power for Pennies articles I've been nostalgiating back on my mother's '07 Saturn Sky. Let me tell you what Opponauts, pictures do it no justice.

I mean, look at it!

(Not actually hers, but exact same color)

Saturn's take on the (hideous even without comparison) Solstice was designed by Franz von Holzhausen,, who you may know now as lead designer for Tesla and responsible for Tesla's pretty cars. This car is pretty, cuz dude knew what he was doing.

Unfortunately it was also pretty awkward to live with. Ergonomics were complete crap crap, cup holder was situated right behind your right elbow so a hard shift to 2nd meant your interior was from then on slushy blue flavored. Operating the windows required a sort of Zoidberg claw motion, and operating the manual top was a two folk job. Lord help you if you're on an open country highway and it started raining.


Know what else kinda sucked? Build quality. Not a week after she sold it (WHY MOTHER, WHY DID YOU SELL IT RIGHT AS I NEEDED A NEW CAR) the passenger door handle broke right off. Glove box made a sort of scccrrt sound, and while all the body panels lined up off the lot the rear bumper alllllways seemed to be migrating south.

But ffs look at it!


Look at it!



Uggh, come one 2 years of school, pass by so I can buy a new car dammit!