Se-bring the Redemption!

I've been trying to clean up/make space in my garage for a while now, and had been sitting on a set of rims from a car I traded away years ago. In need of a quick infusion of cash, I thought about running them over to a recycler who pays pretty well for aluminum...

I'd never done a successful Craigslist deal; I've pimped my powder coating superpowers for a while, with nary a bite. Still, calculating that I wouldn't starve to death for a couple of days, I decided to throw the wheels up for sale. 36 hours later I had a response; nine hours after first reading that, I had cash in hand! That shit is soooo easy!

Here's the thing though- those wheels were off of a 2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, a car that I actually owned and drove daily- and it was my SECOND one. That's right, haters- I not only owned two consecutive Sebring verts, I also drove them out in public with the tops down!


My second one was even a bit of a 'project' car. I gave her a mesh grille, new kicks, a strut bar, I even found an after market CAI that would fit, and then hacked up the exhaust to try to eek out any increase I could... "Sooo, lipstick on a pig?" I hear you say. Absolutely, and I'll freely admit it.

Look, I "get" the derision the vehicle receives, and admit that much of it is well deserved. I'll also cop to not being in any sort of "Car Guy" mode when I got my first one in 2000- I just wanted a convertible, and didn't really care what anybody thought. But criminy, just after I'd gotten the second one, my decades dormant "enthusiast" genes kicked back in, which led to all of the futile efforts mentioned above.

I slowly came to the realization that Chrysler, in addition to making the car incredibly difficult to work on or with, had also consciously crippled the platform specifically to prevent consumers from juicing them up in any meaningful way. Their intention was always that it would be an attractive "cruising" vehicle for the 50-up Moose Lodge Set, and performance be damned.


I will say it *was* good in that role... it was a pleasant enough ride, and wee-hours top down cruising did bring a quantifiable measure of stress relief. And the seats were comfy.

Through an unlikely series of events that I won't go into here, my next daily driver was a 2007 Civic Si sedan, which- from an "upgradability" standpoint- is the antithesis of the Sebring. Nearly every moving bit on that car can be swapped out, and it's the vehicle that inspired me to begin my powder coating endeavors. And like the Sebring before it, I'm on my second one.


Which brings me to the point of the post- I've been out of the Sebrings for about 4 years, but I still had the OEM chromers off the last one, in a stack in a corner of the garage. I suppose that I got lucky in that the deal described at the top of the post went down so quickly, but I was doubly please to hear that they would be used for snow tires here...


The irony is delicious! (and personally, I think they'll look good on that car!)

Craigslist ProTip- When I was assembling my "for sale" post, I put in as much info as I could find about the wheels, e.g., that they were a "205/16", but it was in the very last moment before hitting submit that I realized I needed to put in a bolt pattern, and looked that up. Turns out it was exactly that "5X100" figure that the eventual buyer had searched on, bringing him to my post. Point being, every bit of data about a product for sale is important, and we can never have- or give- too much information. Facts are fun!


Guilty Secret Reveal- For as much as I'm aware that the "enthusiast" world derides and despises the Sebring platforn- both coupe and vert- I didn't think the first generation looked that bad. I've resolved that if I ever become a "man of means" and live to build my super-unlimited dream garage, I *will* take a 1G Sebring convertible, rip out the back seat and mid-mount a Hemi in that sucker. Oh yes I will.

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