Got the Nissan up on a lift and took a poke around to see what I could poke through and how much chop-chop I would have to do to get rid of the Red Cancer in my ‘93 SE-R.

Oh. Well then. This is right next to the dead pedal on the driver’s side.

The frame rails are toast. Better than my Miata, but ever so slightly.

They had been used as jack points because this was the state of the pinch welds. I’m assuming the rust all started here and spread to the lower fenders and rocker panels (and driver floor pan)


I have no idea what this was. Passenger rear wheel well behind the tire. Bracket for a well liner, I believe.


The lower fenders. The fenders will be replaced with either rust-free salvage pieces or (if I can’t, brand new from *whatever retailer*).

Here’s the driver fender. At the top is where the fender met up with the rocker, and in the lower part is where the floor pan rusted through.


The floor pan piece will be cut out and sheet metal welded in. The pinch welds will be wire-wheeled down then hammered somewhat straight with straight strips of 1/4 inch steel welded to the existing pinch as well as to the floor pan to give usable jack points again. The frame rails can wait ‘till later. Fenders will be replaced, the rusted-away mounting points angle-ground and wire-wheeled back to bare metal, and then some form of hideous bracket made to hold the new fenders in place. Nobody will see it, so who cares? As for the rocker panels... not sure. Will have to see how deteriorated they are and then either patch the completely rotted bits or cut off the entire rocker panel and figure out how to make a replacement out of sheet metal, some sort of non-rusting material (plastic is nice. Saturn had the right idea), or cut the intact rocker panel from another car and tack weld it in place.

lol bodywork.