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Seal = Sea Doggo CONFIRMED

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Researchers in New Zealand are looking for the owner of a USB thumb drive that was discovered in a frozen seal turd


You may be asking why someone was looking through seal poop in the first place. The answer is boringly practical:

When it comes time to see what the leopard seals had for dinner, seal stool samples are thawed and then sifted. “You put it under the cold tap, get all the gross stuff off, smoosh it around a bit and separate the bones, feathers, seaweed, and other stuff,” Jodie Warren, a volunteer with, told [ the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand].


The last images on the drive were not the mouth and gullet of a seal as one would expect, but rather: of sea lions on a beach and a video of a female sea lion and her pup in the water. The video also provides the only clue about the former owner of the thumb drive—the nose of a blue kayak seen in the video.


Sounds like a shitty end to someone’s vacation, but at least you got a story to tell, though probably not at dinner. 

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