Edit: Car Max is mostly off the table due to their premium markup. I’m mostly looking for something closer to my payoff which should be $5-6k or something that I can do cash for.

Edit: I have just learned there is an awesome Volvo specialist within walking distance of my house so that is a bonus.

Quick recap:

This happened last Thursday


I got the initial estimate to repair, it was north of 4k. My insurance is looking to write it off and hand me a check for more than that.

The plan now is the Mrs. gets the cx5 full time for kiddo shuttling and I get a new (used) commuter car. Our household budget could manage a small payment like 100 to 150 a month so something in the $10k range and throwing the insurance money as a down payment could work.


The difficulties

1. It has to handle kiddo duty so one front and one rear facing car seat, so no Miata unless it’s a TARDIS.


2. The Mrs. has to trust the kids being safe so this means private seller may be a hard sell, it might be hard to make one work anyway since I have to do this in like a week or so.

3. If I don’t go private sale I am probably headed to CarMax or equivalent and looking at a 5k ish loan.


4. Must be cheap to run and maintain with me having no wrenching time or space due to townhouse and kids.

Where this is going as I see it, small Japanese car replaced with slightly newer small Japanese car. Anything from a mazda3 to a fit is fair game. The not my zip code but it’s close for search purposes is 20110.


Suggestions and thoughts welcome.