Search party: FR-S, hype=warranted

Step 1 in my search to replace the Cayman S was completed today. Drove an FR-S. Damn what a car.

Quick impressions: shockingly good turn-in,,, like better than the Cayman’s which I didn’t see coming since it was the defending champ. As light and nimble as was promised. Just a fabulous handling car that is a ton of fun. For less than 1/2 the Cayman S price, I can live with the minimalist interior no problem.


Today was the sales guy’s first week and 2nd test drive with a customer. He now knows what an FR-S can do and how easy it is slide, controlled, as much or little as you like. He actually thanked me after the ride instead of pressing charges. We bonded a little I think.

Summary: I probably will test drive other cars. Maybe I will test drive other cars. Not even sure because I think a BRZ/FR-S with a Jackson Racing supercharger may be just the ticket for my next car given my plans to try to hit 8-10 track days and 12-15 AutoX’s next year after getting to 4 track days and 15 AutoX’s this year.

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