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Searching for a car, Part 157: Strike out and did I find one?

Remember that Infiniti I was interested in? Yeah, that one ruled itself out. Took it for a test drive, seemed pretty decent. But (and it’s a big but), it died on the way back to the dealer. At least my dad and I got a nice leisurely stroll in that day. So I went back out shopping today and I looked at the car at least 6 of you recommended to me: a 1998 Lexus GS300.

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How is it only $3k, you may ask? It has 261k on the odo. Interior is a little worn (mostly the center armrest), but not bad. But she don’t drive like she’s 18 years old and has 261K. That’s one of the smoothest, nicest cars I’ve driven to date (It’s also the 2nd oldest and 2nd highest mileage car I’ve driven, behind my driver’s ed, which was a 1997 Sentra with over 300K on it. But that’s another story for another day). The 2JZ was silky smooth and the 5 speed auto was unnoticeable. Downsides are the mileage and age, as well as the ABS, VSC, and VSC OFF lights being on (a little research shows they are all related, most likely a sensor of some kind). Also the rear seats are a little tight if the fronts are all the way back and the trunk can only fit 2-2.5 bodies, so pretty small. I’ve got it scheduled to take to a mechanic on Tuesday, so fingers crossed it doesn’t sell and that the mechanic doesn’t find anything major.

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