Not just any code mind, but the one you need to turn on the radio on your mother’s Nissan Micra when the battery goes flat and the radio code is nowhere to be found. You could take your car to your dealer or do it the free but hard way.

I’m mean.

First we have to extract the radio. It’s built in so we need to do some dismantling.

First we find two screws under it.


Nest we find two screws hidden behind flaps in the cubbyhole above it.

Advertisement doesn’t move. Next stop is Youtube where we learn that we need to prise up the trim panel between windscreen and dash and use a 10mm socket on an extension to get at the bolt concealed therein, while managing not to lose the bolt in the depths.

Next we extract the radio, noting with interest that it’s made in Portugal by Blaupunkt and not by somebody in China.


Having got the serial number we then have to download a Blaupunkt decoder and generate the code number.


Mercifully, it worked.