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Seat advice

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I sold a boat, I have some cash monies. One of the things on my list for the last...many years has been redoing the seats in the cruiser. But I got options and I wanted to see what you all thought.


1. buy seat covers from known land cruiser brand with new seat bottoms and seat heater elements for about a grand and install them myself.

2. take the whole thing into a custom shop and get new seat covers made and installed. Still get seat heaters and new bottom pads, but I would probably go with a heavyweight canvas in the same 2 tone. I like canvas better than leather. probably $1500


3. take it to local shop to have them repair the seats with new sections and refurbish the pads and covers. probably about $500

4. just buy some random seat covers for like $300 and pocket the cash for other projects.


5. Find brand new seats. These seats are comfy but they are worn out. They have a ton of slop and play in them and they need to be completely rebuilt for covers anyway. cost - ? The trouble is that I want seats I know will be comfortable and look like they belong and I really don’t feel like fabbing up some custom brackets and trying to deal with the wiring issues. I would want help and I wouldn’t even know where to start with this one.

In any case I am looking at about $130 in parts to repair one seat mechanism and another 100-200 for seat heaters. Fun fact, the relays, fuses and loom are there all ready to accept the switches, I would just have to buy them and install a ground pin on the factory connector to give me factory switches and factory wiring with aftermarket elements. Neat. Good Job Toyota for making a single loom. Bad job Toyota for not putting in all the switches FOR that loom. This was the top of the range trim at the top of the range? Why no center diff switch or seat heaters?

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