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Got some quotes on seat recovering. Ouch.

So to repair the current covers (basically new bases and some refurbished foam) about $600


To do full new leather covers and refurb the foam is going to be about $1700

To do the same but do a hybrid leather/canvas is about the same (less in material but more custom work)


If I bought the covers myself and had them install them it would be around $1500 (foam repair as well)

An extra $400 for seat heaters ($200 for switches, 200 for pads)

I’m still not sure if my idea of doing a canvas seat (vinyl/leather sides and canvas centers) is a good idea, either in execution or concept, but it sounds neat.


This is going to be spendy.

I could also spend 600 on covers and do it myself, but I really don’t want to.

What would you do?


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